Why eat wholesome natural foods

Personally, I eat wholesome healthy foods because I feel better about what I am eating

…But for me, feeling better actually has several different levels.  (see below for deeper thoughts)

First, the immediate benefit of having more energy throughout the day.   As an example, if I eat fruit instead of potatoe chips my energy levels are higher and I feel more alert.

I also feel better about making a better decision.  There is a subtle emotional benefit of eating something that is natural as opposed to eating some over processed junk food.   I don’t have to know the potential health hazzards of junk food to derive the simple intangible good feeling, that I made the right decision of eating something natural and healthy.

Finally, I have to believe that if I am eating wholesome natural foods that I am going to be a lot healthier in the long run.  I am getting vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, fiber and everything that my body needs to maintain a level of good health.

In conclusion, there is the immediate benefit of feeling better emotionally and physically as well as the long term health benefits.

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